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Friends of Library

The Friends of the SAR Library (FOL) was organized to assist the SAR Library in implementing its collection development objectives. These objectives include those books, manuscripts, microforms, and online services as needed to enhance and expand the current collection. A sub-committee of the National Library and Archives Committee, the Friends consists of the Librarian General, National Library and Archives Committee Chairman, Chairman of the Friends of the SAR Library, the National SAR Librarian, and FOL Chairmen.

Membership is also open to all SAR members, Societies, Chapters, and the general public. Membership dues of the Friends are distributed as follows: —60% goes into the Library Endowment Fund from which only the interest income may be used by the Library, and, —40% goes directly to the Library Special Purpose Operating Fund. The income from these funds is used to purchase non-budgeted items such as equipment, supplies and new technology, in addition to books, manuscripts and microforms.

Join now to get your Friends lapel pin! If you have questions about membership please contact the Library Director.

While the library strives to provide the most up-to-date material for our patrons our budget often does not cover the cost of all of the resources that we would like to provide. If you are interested in directly supporting the growth of the SAR Genealogical Library’s collection consider donating an item from our Amazon wish list.

Other SAR Library Recognition Programs

  • Benjamin Franklin Subscriber for gifts of $300 or more from an individual, Chapter, Society, or non-SAR organization.
  • Library Endowment Fund Contributor for gifts of $500 or more.
  • Friends of Library Life Membership for gifts of $1000 or more.
  • Robert Morris Benefactor for one-time contribution of $2000 or more.