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SGT. Moses Adams Memorial Middle School Brochure Contest

This contest is open to middle school students, depending on when the American Revolution or Government is taught in their school system. This includes public, private, parochial, charter and home schooled students. The contest is also open to members of the Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.), Scouts who are in the same grade if their school does not participate. Judging is based upon content, creativity and correctness. The permanent theme is the five (5) Foundational Documents of the United States. These documents are:the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers. National winners receive a ribbon, certificate and a cash award. Prizes on the state and chapter level vary. (Grades 6-8)

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For more information or to submit and application please click here or contact Compatriot Ronald Barker.