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ROTC/JROTC Outstanding Cadet Award

This high school level award fosters the principle of “citizen-soldier” as exemplified by the American Revolution’s Minuteman. JROTC Units are provided the SAR Bronze ROTC Medal by local chapters for presentation at the unit level.

Additionally, the JROTC Enhanced Program permits Outstanding Cadets to compete at the Chapter, State and National level. Selection criteria include demonstrated leadership potential, military bearing, and scholastic achievement. Each cadet applicant for the Enhanced Program must submit an original 500-700 word essay on a topic designated by the ROTC/JROTC & Services Academy Liaison Committee. In addition to meeting the same criteria as the SAR Bronze ROTC Medal Program, the cadet must be enrolled in the 3rd year of a 4 year JROTC Program, or 2nd year of a 3 year JROTC Program (must be a junior). The cadet must also be in the Top 10% of their JROTC Class and Top 25% of their High School Class. Recommendations must also be submitted by the Senior Military Instructor and the Principal.

This award seeks to recognize a remarkable cadet who will become a leader in their community and serve their country. Please help the SAR ensure that the spirit of the Minutemen who fought to defend our freedom is remembered. Donate today!

The JROTC Endowment Medal is designed to recognize those individuals who make significant financial contributions to the JROTC Endowment Fund or Service Academies Awards Fund. The medal can be given to anyone who supports the programs. In order to qualify for the award, individuals must donate $1,000 to the JROTC Endowment Fund or Service Academies Awards Fund. This donation may be given over a five-year period. Additional donations above $1,000, in increments of $1,000 will receive a bronze oak leaf cluster; a silver oak leaf cluster is presented for the sixth donation of $1,000.

The medal is suspended from a red and silver drape and is a round disk of bronze colored metal with the American Eagle logo on the obverse surrounded by the words “Sons of the American Revolution-Building Better Citizens” on the rim and JROTC and Leadership Excellence on the inner part with the eagle. The back lists Four Character Traits in the center and on the rim are the words “Our Purpose-Serving the Nation.” The medal is available in miniature. Distribution of the medal is through the ROTC/JROTC/Service Academies Committee.

Checks may be made payable to NSSAR with notation in the “For” line as ROTC/JROTC Endowment Fund or Service Academies Awards Fund. Or you may contribute by selecting Donate today!

Donors at $1,000 and up are honored at the Donor Awards Breakfast and will receive a certificate in recognition of their contribution.