SAR Visiting Professorship at King’s College London

In 2016 the Sons of the American Revolution launched a partnership with King’s College London in support of the Georgian Papers Programme. One of the results of this partnership is the SAR Visiting Professorship at King’s College London, which is a remarkable opportunity for the SAR to advance our institutional goals while proclaiming our commitment to the scholarly study of American History on the world stage. The SAR-King’s College partnership also allows the SAR to be at the forefront of discoveries being made about the War for Independence.

The SAR’s partnership with King’s College accomplishes so much by allowing us to support American scholars to study original documents of King George III and the British government during the American Revolution on location at the Royal Archives housed at Windsor Castle. Previously, only about 15% of the more than 350,000 documents, diaries, and papers had been studied or published. This current, more thorough effort to examine the Georgian Papers has already given scholars new insights into the 18th century. Please consider making a gift to support further research of possibly the last collection of unexamined original source material dating from the American Revolution.

For more information about the Georgian Papers Programme can be found here.  Please make a gift today to support the SAR Visiting Professorship at King’s College London and ensure that this vital program will continue until 2020. Donate Today!

Information about the 2020 Invitation for Resumes for the Sons fo the American Revolution Visiting Professorship at King’s College London can be found at the link below: