Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Orations Contest

The Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration contest, open to all students in grades 9-12, supports the Secondary School and SAR education objectives by perpetuating the stories of patriotism, courage, tragedy, and triumph of the men and women who achieved the independence of the American people. These stories are universal ones of man’s eternal struggle against tyranny, relevant to all time, and will inspire and strengthen each generation as it is called upon to defend our freedoms on the battlefield and in our public institutions. Our Chapter members are the primary drivers in stimulating students to participate. They work through teachers of all subjects in the school system and the Home School Associations. The contest culminates in an inspiring National Orations Contest held each year, with State winners representing their respective Societies and Districts.

To view the most recent winning oration please click here. The ability to speak publicly and inspire others is a rare gift that was essential in the founding of our nation. Please help the SAR to ensure that the students of today will become the orators of tomorrow. Donate today!

Donors at $250 and up are honored at the Donor Awards Breakfast and will receive an award in recognition of their contribution.  

For more information or to submit and application please click here or contact Compatriot Jack Bredenfoerder.