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George Washington Endowment Fund

The George Washington Endowment Fund (GWEF) was created to establish a permanently restricted fund, the income of which would provide annual funding for support of NSSAR unfunded and underfunded committees and special projects. The GWEF is the only permanently restricted endowment fund established and managed under the expressed authority of the George Washington Endowment Board of the SAR.” The GWEF has grown annually and continues support of approved NSSAR activities and projects. The corpus of the fund is never touched. Eighty percent of the earnings are withdrawn each year to support NSSAR projects with twenty percent being rolled back into the corpus each year.

George Washington Fellows have elected through their single gift or annual installment payment plan to give a $1000.00 membership donation thereby leaving a patriotic legacy of a lifetime whose perpetual gift never dies and continues to support the SAR in perpetuity.” Becoming a George Washington Fellow is not limited to SAR members. Spouses, children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces are all eligible. And once a George Washington Fellow, you are always listed as a George Washington Fellow. Your donation is a perpetual gift which never dies, it is working to support the SAR in perpetuity. All new George Washington Fellows receive a beautiful gold lapel pin, a certificate acknowledging their status as a GW Fellow, and their name is added to the list of all GW Fellows in the SAR Genealogical and Research Library.

For more information or to download a brochure please download and complete the fillable form here. Gifts or pledges of $1,000 or more entitle you to be known as a George Washington Fellow. Please consider making a gift or commitment to this program and leave a patriotic legacy for life. Donate Today!