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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SAR?

The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) is a worldwide lineage society for men who can trace their genealogy back to a soldier or supporter of the American Revolution.

What is the SAR Foundation?

The SAR Foundation acts as the fundraising arm of the SAR. The SARF solicits funds and seeks grants to ensure that the work of the SAR can continue for generations to come.

Who Can Join the SAR?

Membership is open to men 18 and older who have a patriot ancestor who served or supported the American Revolution. If you think you or someone you know qualify please get more information about joining the SAR here.

Where is the SAR Foundation located?

The SAR Foundation is headquartered at 809 West Main Street in Louisville. Kentucky.

Can I apply for a grant to support for my patriotic cause from the SAR Foundation?

No. However, State Societies and Chapters may choose to support a project that they feel has merit, please feel free to contact them individually.

How do I get a gold SAR Lapel Pin?

The SAR Lapel pins are awarded in recognition of a donation of $10 to the SAR’s 1776 Society Campaign which supports the SAR Museum and Education Center. You can donate here or by calling the SAR Foundation Office at (502) 315-1777.

Are replacement SAR Foundation Lapel Pins Available?

Lost your lamplighter or other award from the SAR Foundation? No worries just call the SAR Foundation office and they will be happy to see if a replacement is available for you.